Control via additional 3D views

Starting with 3D Train Studio v6, control using additional 3D views is supported, directly in the program, on a second PC or on an Android device. This makes it possible to show and operate a control panel separately from the layout, without losing sight of it.

Additional views in 3D Train Studio

In the View menu, click on Additional Views and select up to 3 additional 3D windows that you can control individually. Each window manages a user-defined camera that can be positioned individually. The next time the layout is opened, the previously saved views are restored.

Activate Floating Windows in the View menu to display the additional views in separate windows that you can move onto additional monitors.

Additional views on a second Windows PC

If you have a second Windows PC, for example a laptop, you can use it for a control panel. Install 3D Train Studio on the second PC and double-click on the Connect icon on the home screen. You now have the option of connecting to your main PC and controlling the current layout.

All mouse commands that are also supported on the main PC are supported. If you want to change the view, save it beforehand on the main PC in the toolbar. You will then have access to all saved camera views on the second PC.

Additional views on an Android device

In addition to the 3D windows directly in the program or on a second Windows PC, you can use the companion app to control your system with an Android smartphone or tablet. To do this, first download the companion app from the Google Play Store and then connect to the PC which is running 3D Train Studio.

Simple touch commands for switching points, rotary controls and vehicles are supported. In the app you also have access to all the camera views setup in the layout so you can change the viewing angle.