Frequently asked questions

This wiki article contains a collection of frequently asked questions and answers about the 3D Train Studio. Most of the questions relate to the latest version of the program, but some also apply to older versions.

Do I need a permanent internet connection to operate 3D Train Studio?

No, an internet connection is required to activate the premium version for the first time and to access the online catalogue. Once online content has been downloaded, the program caches it so that it does not have to be downloaded again. The maximum storage space used for this can be configured in the program settings. A minimum size of 2 GB for the online cache ensures that you can continue to work on the system that was last opened even if there is currently no internet connection available.

In addition, the component catalogue can be downloaded in one piece via the menu item “Catalogue – make available offline” and saved on the hard drive in order to plan systems completely without an internet connection.

For reasons of space, however, only the non-archived 3D models, textures and sounds are downloaded. Layouts from other users have to be loaded manually. A text search in the online catalogue is not possible without an internet connection.

What’s the difference between the 32 and 64 bit versions of 3D Train Studio?

The 32-bit version only supports systems with a maximum memory of 4 GB of working memory (RAM). This applies to most systems. Very large layouts, on the other hand, can exceed this memory, so these layouts can only be opened in the 64-bit version. There is no speed difference between the two versions.

The 32 and 64 bit versions can be installed in parallel. They use the same database directory.

Where are my own attachments and catalogue contents stored?

Your own attachments and other catalogue content, 3D models, textures, etc., that are not shared with other users are only saved on your own computer.

You can find the storage location in the program settings under “Database”. From there you can change the storage location to another path.

How can I transfer my attachments and catalogue contents to another computer?

You have various options for opening the same layout on several computers:

  1. In the program’s save menu, click on “Export …” and save the layout in a file. You can transfer this file to another computer and import it to the Studio using “My systems – Import existing systems”.
  2. Create a database backup using the program settings and restore it on the second computer. In this way, you can transfer all of your own layouts and catalogue content in one go.
  3. Publish the attachment and share it with the community. See: Uploading models to the online catalogue. The layout is then available for other users to download from the online catalogue.

I have another question, who can I contact?

3D Train Studio offers several options to support the program and the construction of a layout:

  • Many problems have already been solved in the community facilities that can be found in the online catalogue.
  • This documentation contains articles on basic operation and you can find more instructions in the Videos on YouTube.
  • In the forum everyone is helped with their problems. The search function helps find questions that have already been answered.
  • In the event of technical problems with the program, the publisher’s support service can be reached via the contact page.

As an existing customer, do I get a discount when I buy an update?

Yes, existing customers can buy the new version at a reduced price. This applies for several months after the release of a new version. The actual price is displayed when the order process is started in the program.

Can I use 3D Train Studio on several computers with a premium license?

Yes, as long as all computers belong to the same private household. To activate the software, it is sufficient to log into the program with your existing username and password.

Why don’t I get a license key after purchasing the professional version online?

A license key is only required for the DVD version that can be purchased from retailers. If the premium version is purchased via the program, the software is linked to the customer’s account. Therefore it is sufficient to use the username or email and the password of the account.

Why can’t I reactivate the premium version with my license key?

After the first activation of the premium version with a license key, a new customer account is created, and this is linked to the license key. Further activation is then no longer possible, but also no longer necessary; activation using the username / e-mail and the password of the customer account is sufficient.

I forgot my password for my customer account.

You can use this link to have a new password sent to your email address at any time.

Where can I find the online catalogue or where can I download additional 3D models?

The online catalogue is integrated into 3D Train Studio. It can be found in the program by clicking on the “Online catalog” icon on the home page. All systems and 3D models in the online catalogue are automatically downloaded from the internet when they are opened. Either browse the sub-categories for further content, or use the search with the additional filter settings for a targeted search.

Why can I only publish a limited number of attachments and what are the ratings and ranks?

Every user of the premium version of the 3D Train Studio can publish their own layouts and make them available to the community.

In order to improve the online catalogue and to avoid too much content, each user only receives a certain quota. This quota increases automatically the more users in the community like their models.

If a model receives a “Like”, this positive rating will be taken into account. If a user reaches a certain number of ratings, he rises in rank, and his quota for the publication of further attachments is increased. The following ranks are available:

  • Rank 0, less than 25 “Likes”, a maximum of 10 attachments
  • Rank 1, at least 25 “Likes”, a maximum of 20 attachments
  • Rank 2, at least 50 “Likes”, a maximum of 30 attachments
  • Rank 3, at least 100 “Likes”, a maximum of 40 attachments
  • Rank 4, at least 250 “Likes”, a maximum of 50 systems
  • Rank 5, at least 500 “Likes”, a maximum of 60 systems

I found an error in the online catalogue or something is missing, who can I contact?

The online catalogue is a joint effort by users of the 3D Train Studio community.

Everyone can provide their own content and access other content. An author can be informed of an error via the forum’s private message function. Users often present their systems and 3D models in the public area of the forum, where errors and problems can also be reported. will. If something is missing, such as a certain track system, then the sub-forum model requests can be used.