Introduction to 3D Train Studio

Welcome to 3D Train Studio, planning and simulation software for model railway layouts. This manual serves as the entry point for newbies and explains all the functions and planning steps to create your own layout and bring it to life.

Quick start

  • After installing and starting 3D Train Studio, double-click the left mouse button on one of the listed example systems to load it.
  • Left-click on individual tracks or buildings to select them. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to move the element.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the view in or out.
  • Press and hold the middle wheel to rotate the view.
  • Press and hold the right mouse button and drag to move the view.
  • Add new tracks or components to the layout by double-clicking on one of the categories in the catalog in the lower area and placing the desired component on the layout by holding down the left mouse button ( drag & drop ).
  • Double click on the table to edit the landscape.
  • Visit the YouTube channel for tutorial videos. German language.

Add further components or open and experiment with other example layouts to get to know 3D Train Studio better. Read the following chapters if you are planning your own layout and want to learn about planning and simulation options.

Download and installation

Before the planning of the model railway layout can start, 3D Train Studio must be installed on your computer. If you have downloaded the program, installation is carried out by starting the setup file. If you have purchased 3D Train Studio on a DVD, put it into a free DVD slot and follow the automatic installation routine.

After installing 3D Train Studio, the free standard version is activated first. Click on the Activate now link in the start area of the program and enter your activation data to activate the professional version. An internet connection is required for this step.

The first start

After starting 3D Train Studio you will find yourself in the start area of the program. The start area is used to open new or existing layouts and contains links to program settings.

Opening screen

With a double click on New layout, you can create an empty layout, which you can design as you like. If you are planning a real model railway, specify the required scale. Select Real Railway Operations if you want to design a virtual world with the 3D model railway studio and discover it in a playful way. The start scenario simplifies the first steps in the program, but all settings can also be adjusted later as required.

The My layouts area lists your saved track plans and makes it easy to organise your files.

The Online catalog button takes you to the online area with further categories and a list of the layouts that are made available free of charge by other users of 3D Train Studio. In the premium version you can also open these attachments, adjust them as you wish and save them as your own attachments.

The Connect” and Android” buttons give you Control via additional 3D views options for your systems using a second Windows PC or Android device. This requires 3D Train Studio v6 or later.

3D Train Studio comes with many example layouts. In the Recently opened area, double-click on one of the layouts to open it.