List of changes in version 7


  • Creating routes from any number of waypoints to simulate real railway controls.
  • Points and signals are set automatically when a route is activated.
  • Avoidance of conflicts by locking points or track sections.
  • Automatic release of routes after a conflict has been resolved for automated operation.
  • Support of complex track structures such as slip points, turntables or bascule bridges within routes.
  • Categorisation and filtering of routes for a better overview.
  • Support of variables and keywords for routes.

Advanced driving physics

  • Vehicles, cars for example cars, can head for a destination and automatically follow the correct turns.
  • Road crossings no longer have switches, as several cars can drive on different lanes at the same time.
  • Integration of the old “roads without lanes” into the new road system so that all roads now have lanes.
  • New roads with integrated lanes, e.g. roundabouts, large intersections and 45° branches.
  • Reduction of the standard acceleration of vehicles from the online catalogue.

Extensions of signals / track contacts

  • Variable track contact spacing of signals to stop trains before the signal
  • Variable offset of signals to the track.
  • Linking of track contacts with signals or switches to define different properties depending on the switching status.
  • Acceleration contacts now also accelerate stationary vehicles, e.g. trains waiting in front of a signal or cars in front of a traffic light, including automatic reaction delay.
  • Vehicles are no longer accelerated by the vehicle in front when the vehicle is on braking. This prevents driving through traffic lights at red.
  • Visualisation of integrated track contacts, for example for signals.
  • Pre-configuration of signals in the online catalogue with typical standard values so that trains stop and start automatically.

Virtual depots and virtual connections / portals

  • Replication of fiddle yards for storing trains or vehicles in a depot
  • Trains or vehicles can enter a depot manually or via event management, or they can be released from any depot
  • Bridging any route by teleporting trains / vehicles with the help of portals
  • Full support for linked cargo


  • Support for basic shapes, including slopes, freely configurable
  • Tables can be extended in any direction
  • Floor panels can be merged with other floor panels
  • Simplified and improved editing tools
  • Extended the Adjust terrain function with real-time preview and course option
  • Support negative heights
  • Storage and performance improvements in large systems
  • Optional deactivation of the sub-page to increase performance
  • Easier transparency using the toolbar
  • Categorisation of the ground textures for a better overview

Extension of event management

  • Complete control of routes and fiddle yards using event management
  • Target control of vehicles based on a list of track contacts
  • Locking / unlocking of points
  • Optional formatting information for the “Set label” action
  • Play animations in a user-defined area (via Lua)

Model extensions

  • “Follow path” now retains the scaling of the original model by default
  • Support of “rigid” splines, eg for overhead lines, which maintain a straight course in curves
  • Improved display of city and country roads
  • New water spline for laying rivers
  • Visualisation of virtual tracks in the track editor, facilitates the configuration of road crossings, for example
  • Visualisation of the selected level of detail (LOD) in the preview window of the model editor for better control of the LOD

Improved user guidance

  • Extended automatic height adjustment to align objects not only with the terrain, but also with other objects, for example: stacking containers
  • Improved selection of tracks without bedding
  • Start scenarios for a faster layout start


  • Accelerated loading of assets
  • Avoidance of jerking during operation due to asynchronous reloading of missing resources
  • Improved display of text on monitors with high DPI
  • Bug fixes and detail improvements

Incompatibilities / behaviour changes to previous versions