Suspended Monorail

  Mass transit suspended monorail system. Its a model railway, Jim, but not as we know them. Video is reduced in quality for web use. These custom models are work in progress so not ready for release yet. Chiba Urban Monorail, Japan

Corner Layout

  Busy moments on the Corner Layout. The EMU shuttles to the branch while various trains use the main line. Video is reduced in quality for web use. Some of these UK outline models are available from the Model Directory

Lights at Night

The wiki says _LS objects only work up to v5. Tested – true, they don’t work in v7. _LC Objects without a texture are not lit and are transparent in daylight but are lit at night. The light is only faint. There is no adjustment of light intensity. _LC objects work in static models as…

Sources of Textures

Plain colour texture files can consist of say 64 x 64 bit images created in your favourite image editor. Easy to do, but a bit bland. You can add noise to your image at pinetools. Website Review 3djungle.net Free. There are 5,599 seamless textures to choose from at the last count. polyhaven.com Good quality seamless…


There’s hundreds of models in the online catalogue, and it can be tedious to navigate the extensive folder structure to find the components that suit your layout. The 3D Train Studio developers have recognised this issue and have given us the Favourite system. So you’ll still need to navigate the folder structure once, but choose…

How do I select a variation?

Some 3D models come with variations. These may be just their colour, or there may be more significant differences on a theme. You might be able to load the model from the online catalogue or other source, but where can the required variation be set? Ensure you are in Planning mode, not Simulation mode. Load…

How do I make a tunnel?

There’s a sequence to it: 1. Make the table. 2. Lay the track. 3. Make the hill. Select the table. In the properties section, use the landscape icons to raise and lower the ground until the hill is the desired shape. 4. Like all 3D models, the hill is hollow – its just a shell….