Control via Rocrail / RocStudio

3D Train Studio supports the sequence control by means of the free software Rocrail (Innovative Model Railroad Control System). This chapter details and explains how to link 3D Train Studio with Rocrail.


Rocrail is a free and open source control program, originally intended to control a real model railway. Rocrail takes on the functions of a virtual control panel, which controls the signals, points and locomotives on the real layout using control data. Additional information that is sent back to Rocrail from the real system also enables automatic rail operation, as Rocrail knows at any time about the condition of the model railway layout and can independently control the rolling stock. The layout can be viewed comfortably from the sofa while the trains, controlled by Rocrail, do their laps.

3D Train Studio now intervenes in this process and simulates a model railway, which runs entirely on the computer. For Rocrail this makes no difference, it controls the virtual layouts of 3D Train Studio as if they were real. Rocrail thus serves as an external control panel for the 3D Train Studio, enables the system to be automated or allows, for example, the “virtual test” of a model railway, which is then recreated in real life.

It is possible to plan a model railway layout on the PC and to simulate a digital control to match this layout. This is made possible by a connection between the 3D model railway studio and Rocrail via the RocStudio extension. This is explained in this video. German language.

Configuration of Rocrail and RocStudio

Download Configuration instructions. PDF, 7 pages, German language.

Sample data

  • Rocrail demo system – contains engines, points and signals as well as blocks, routes and feedbacks. Extract both files of the archive to “C: \ Users \ \ Documents \ Rocrail”. The corresponding 3D model railway studio system can be found under the content ID 9C41C3E1-9BDD-42DD-ACE1-AF6DF721E538 (“Rocrail-Demo”). The demo system is based on a layout from user BahnLand.
  • Locomotive images of the rolling stock from 3D Train Studio for Rocrail ( provided by user Franz )