Your first layout

After opening any of the attachments, you will find yourself in the attachments area. This area is the main area of the program and enables both the editing, simulation and appearance of the layout

Your first layout

The screen is divided into the following sections (from top to bottom):

  1. The menu with the most important program commands
  2. The toolbar with frequently used buttons
  3. The 2D and 3D view of the system
  4. The component catalog with all 3D models
  5. The property window for object-related settings

You can navigate the system using keyboard shortcuts. Move and rotate the 3D view as you like so that you can see all areas of a system.

Left-click on an object to select it on the layout. Press and hold the left mouse button over a free area to open a frame and mark several objects at the same time. Press and hold the left mouse button over a selected object to move it.

Press the right mouse button to bring up a context menu.

Add new components from the model catalog to the system. To do this, double-click on a category in the lower catalog window to open a category.

Open the Online Catalog category to view the online component catalog with the tracks, signals, vehicles and many other models.

Online catalog

You can browse the categories in the catalog or search for specific content by entering a search term in the upper right area. For further search settings, click on the small field with the 4 squares.

Switch to the category Traffic routes / tracks to list all existing track manufacturers, sorted by gauge. Once you have found a suitable track or other component, hold down the left mouse button and drag the model onto the layout ( drag & drop ). Release the mouse to place the part. Tracks and other objects automatically snap into place when they are pushed close to another track.

Add as many more tracks as you want and place trains on your routes, which you can find in the Railway vehicles category. Browse through the other categories of the online catalog to decorate your system step by step and adapt it to your needs.

The free version of 3D Train Studio allows you to save systems with a maximum of 150 objects, whereas the professional version supports any number of objects.