Keyboard shortcuts


on a Windows PC
via VMWare*
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Y Redo
Ctrl X Delete
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl D Duplicate in place
Ctrl G Group
Ctrl U Ungroup
Ctrl A Select all
Del fn Del Delete object
Spacebar Toggle animations on / off
G Toggle Gizmos on / off
Shift Deactivate all snap functions
Ctrl Deactivate automatic height adjustment when moving
F1 fn F1 Open Wiki (German language)
F3 fn F3 Open the “Selection” dialog box
Alt F4 fn option F4 Quit program
F5 Toggle between planning and simulation modes
F6 Toggle sound on / off
F7 fn F7 Copy photo to the clipboard
F8 fn F8 Save photo as
F12 or Esc fn F12 Toggle full screen on / off

Camera Control

Windows Windows
via VMWare*
Enter Zoom in to the selected object and centre it on the screen
+ Zoom – magnify
Zoom – shrink
WASD keys Move view (left, right, forwards, backwards)
Page up Move view up
Page down Move view down
QE keys Rotate view
XY keys Flip view
Numbers 0-9 Activate the corresponding camera
C Activate / deactivate cockpit view / user-defined camera

Mouse Buttons

Windows Windows
via VMWare*
Left mouse button Select an object
Double click the left mouse button Select a fixed object
Hold the left mouse button Draw a selection window
Ctrl + left mouse button Ctrl + Opt + left mouse button Select multiple objects one at a time
Mouse wheel Zoom in and out
Mouse wheel and move Rotate the view
Right mouse button Move the view
Alt + left mouse button, hold and drag Copy and move object

Terrain Mode

Windows Windows
via VMWare*
Shift + left mouse button Invert the current tool (where available)
Shift + mouse wheel Adjust the brush size
Ctrl + mouse wheel Adjust opacity / thickness

Move Object

Windows Windows
via VMWare*
Double click a Gizmo circle Rotate by + 45°
Shift + double click a Gizmo circle Rotate by -45°
Cursor keys Move object
Ctrl + cursor keys Lower / raise object

Switchable objects (signals / points / switches)

Windows Windows
via VMWare*
Double click, arrow key up Next switching status
Arrow key down Previous switching status
Pos 1 First switching state
End Last switching state

*VMWare Fusion can be used to run 3D Train Studio in Windows on a Mac system. For more information, see Running 3D Train Studio on a Mac. VMWare systems use slightly different key mappings. For more information, see Tips on using a Mac keyboard.